Friday, August 2, 2013

Washing with Soapnuts

So far...
July 7 - last shampoo wash
July 14 - first BSV (baking soda and vinegar) wash
... WO washes almost daily, dry hair and scalp.
July 21 - second BSV wash
July 23 - 50/50 vinegar water rinse - happy hair!
July 26 - egg rinse
July 28 - Water wash and 20% vinegar and 5 drops Lime EO rinse
Aug 3 - soapnuts wash, 50% ACV, half tbsp coconut oil, 5 drops lime EO with equal parts water for the rinse.

My hair feels fabulous!!!

Is it the SoapNuts?
Is it switching to ACV since its closer to my the natural pH of hair?
Is it the 50/50 ACV rinse?
Is it the coconut oil I added to the rinse?

I don't know but it was easy to detangle and feels soft, silky and lovely while wet!

The soapnuts liquid wasn't easy to use, and I used quite a bit. I left the shower to get more from the fridge and applied it with my squeeze bottle and because it was cold - it was easy to distribute! That was cool ;) ha ha!

The only thing I didn't think about was by adding the coconut oil into
the acid rinse, I may have affected the ACV from closing the cuticles, and... Got some on my scalp. I may have to reassess that, or use jojoba oil which is more like natural sebum instead.

Stay tuned for another update when its dry.

Like my phone case? Dollar store ;)

So my hair is pretty much dry, I think I'll skip adding coconut oil to my rinse. It's too much all at once. My hair is happy though.

Now we need to try the flax seed hair gel tomorrow and see how that goes for taming the frizz and styling.

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