Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hair update

I used the flax seed hair gel on my 5 year old after washing her hair last night. I did not hold up to sleeping... I'll try some more today and see how it holds up during dinner playing!! I also did a ACV rinse on the mid to end part of her hair after using regular poo and conditioner and it brushed out like a dream!!!

As for myself, I braided my hair for the day yesterday morning.... It's still wet!!! That gross... And I can smell the ACV slightly.

That means two things for me:
1. The 5 drops of like EO is a great way to mask the vinegar smell.
2. I really do have to let it dry all out before putting it into a ponytail or braid. This isn't a surprise, it was the same when I was pooing, the difference now is the smell, and perhaps bacteria come to think of it.

But!!! I'm onto something with SoapNuts wash, ACV rinse, BBB every night... I can feel where my natural oils stop, it's almost 4 finger widths from my scalp, and remember last week I said I needed flax gel for my hairline frizz... My hairline lays nicely now!!! I guess the gel won't need to be near my scalp which is grrrrreat!!! I'm still not ready to try the gel quite yet until I wash again with this combo :)

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