Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hair update...

July 7 - last shampoo wash
July 14 - first BSV (baking soda and vinegar) wash
... WO washes almost daily, dry hair and scalp.
July 21 - second BSV wash
July 23 - 50/50 vinegar water rinse - happy hair!
July 26 - egg rinse (shiny, smooth, happy hair)
July 28 - Water wash and 20% vinegar and 5 drops Lime EO rinse
Aug 3 - soapnuts wash, 50% ACV, half tbsp coconut oil, 5 drops lime EO with equal parts water for the rinse. CO added liberally.
Aug 4 - SoapNuts wash, 50%ACV, 50% water rinse. CO mid and ends.
Aug 8 - 1 part ACV, 5drops lime EO with 9 parts water rinse only. (CO added to ends only once since last wash. None added today.)

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