Thursday, February 12, 2015

My current wash routine, at 18 months in...

I wash with Shikakai and ACV, wear curly with only aloe for a week (out, out, 1/2 up, bun, bun, braid... then...) flat iron on medium heat starting at the nape of the neck from root to 2' from the ends until I'm done. Then I part, and brush into position. Then I start at the face and do only the last 2" curling under with the iron. Hoping in theory, I've only touched the hair once. I also do very very small sections. It takes almost an hour but lasts me two more weeks. 

I have a 21 day wash cycle but could go longer but it would be a mid week wash which I don't want. Then I add jojoba to my ends as needed and pretty much with as little sebum as I have. The 3 drops of EOs that I start adding at 14 days since my last wash is plenty moisturization!! 

After my 3 weeks, I "wash" with henna from HennaHut and add 1 ice cube of pre-portioned and frozen coconut milk and rinse with water only and rinse with WO again on day 3 of curly and ta daa... repeat. So I'm using henna and shikakai alternately every 3 weeks. 

I also do have a low poo conditioner for my hairdresser to use as a CO treatment every 6 months!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hair butter in a bottle

Melissa in the No poo/low poo Facebook group found a product that impresses me.  I'm not a fan of Japanese Honeysuckle which is an ingredient in the Curl Enhansibg Smoothie that I refuse to buy, so I'll be looking in this LOW POO for my daughter to help on on those frizzy days as she tries to learn to care firvher own hair.

The ingredient list posted is as follows:

Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis(aloe vera gel), deionized water, macadamia integrifolia (macadamia) seed oil, persea(avocado) gratissima seed oil, simmondsia (jojoba) chinensis seed oil, prunus (sweet almond) dulcis oil, ricinus (castor) communis seed oil, behenetrimonium methosulfate and cetearyl alcohol(BTMS), camellia (green tea) sinensis, ulmus (slippery elm) eulva, ascorbic (vitamin C) acid, tocopherol (vitamin e), d-panthenol, phenoxyethanol/caprylyl glycol(optiphen), sorbic acid, scent and LOVE!

The following ingredients concerned me, so I googled them: