Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy hair :)

I got my jojoba oil and aloe butter and am excited!

I used the jojoba oil on my dry areas on my face. We'll see how that feels in the morning, and I also added jojoba oil from the middle to the ends of my hair.

My understanding is that although it's expensive, jojoba is closest to the skin's natural sebum. I can feel the new texture of my hair, I've been able to move my natural sebum just about mid way down the length of my hair, just past my ponytail, so I'm hoping this jojoba infusion will help my hair to feel completely renewed. Once it does, I'll get it trimmed :)

I'm hoping this will work!!

I put a little oil on my face to see how it absorbs and feels.

In the morning....

My face felt like it desperately needed washing, but it looked healthy :). I have a pimple forming near my hairline - figures!!!

My hair feels good. The ends have absorbed all of the jojoba. I'm on a mission though, me and my braid will keep on going!!! My scalp is slightly itchy in the center, so a wash is close, perhaps a WO tonight and see how it goes.

The WO went well, a great full curly ponytail, easy detangling, and no frizzies along the hairline, but despite my scalp feeling ok, I can smell ever so slightly that I need a wash.

Ok on 8/16 I did a SoapNuts wash with 20% ACV to water with 7 drops of tangerine EO. I rinsed a very very long time. It was easy to detangle, but ever so slightly waxy while wet, but I let it dry all out, no braids or elastics. It looked great and felt light and soft. It dried quicker than I'm used to with "product" in it though.

My mom in law says my hair doesn't smell like vinegar, but doesn't smell bad, but doesn't smell good either - lol.

I haven't added any oils yet, I'll start adding oil tomorrow. My hair is light, slightly frizzy, not dry per se, but the frizzy hairline is out - of - control!!!!


Now for the oil experiment ;)

I've been adding a teensy bit if jojoba from my ends to the crnter of my hair. It maintains moisture way better/longer than coconut oil, almost as if my ends feel so nourished they want to curl right away. I didn't get that with coconut oil.

On the flip side, there's no scent and my tangerine EO just doesn't seem to last in the jojoba oil. I may switch back to lime EO to see if it makes a difference.

I also BBB before a WO wash, and only sometimes before bed. I've noticed my hair looks better, but I smell that "oily needs washing" smell. Kind of like "head", when warm from heat... Ya, jojoba behaves much like natural sebum, good for my intentions but I need an EO!!

On 8/25 I did an Egg wash. 3 eggs to equal parts water with a lukewarm shower and a good long rinse. I also did a coconut milk rinse and an ACV rinse with 10 drops tangerine EO. I didn't find I got that beautiful shiny soft feel I got last time though.

I did a WO wash again since my scalp isn't itchy but feels like I want to scratch it anyway. Thinking I need to do a SoapNuts wash really sooner than I'd anticipated :(.

I may try warming the jojoba and using less than a teeny bit on my scalp... I'm thinking I may chicken out on that lol!!

I'm still not pleased with the hairline frizzies. I have been wearing my hair out and in loose braids. I may start wearing it in a bun again and trying the flax seed DIY gel on the hairline because as it grows out (just had a baby a year ago, lots of hair breakage at 4-5 mos) its getting longer without any product it's hard to keep it down.

Here's me every day :)

Don't mind the eyebrows lol

It was rainy today, so it's more frizzy than normal!!

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