Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hair update

The calendar says its the weekend, but my scalp feels great. I do not feel the need to wash at all... It smells fine, feels a little dry mid to ends of the hair but I'm doing something right if I don't need to wash... crazy!  I tried using grapeseed oil today, just on the mid to ends of the hair and I didn't find it absorbed into the ends very well.  We'll see how it does over the ext two days.

Talking about crazy... I'm going away for a week, and I'm only bringing 1/2 cup ACV and my squirty bottle. I'm picking up some jojoba oil & aloe butter along the way, and will have my BBB. That's hard core!! Am I crazy or what?

My plan is to do an egg wash when and if I need to, otherwise it'll be WO washing because I won't have a choice!!!  I'll have my oils to add, but nothing to cleanse with... except the egg wash.

Yes... That's four bottles of product less than what I used to travel with ;)

Hahaha!!  He needs some oil!!

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