Thursday, August 1, 2013

Homemade Hair Gel - Part 2

This is a continuation of Homemade Hair Gel - Part 1

And find tips on part 3 -

So I've got a pot to cook it, a plastic spoon, a measuring cup (dry), my cheap flax seeds, a metal strainer, a bowl and an air tight container to keep it in afterwards. I'm going to add some coconut oil as well for some easy goodness so I have that and a tablespoon to measure it.
  • First I measured the flax seeds, those little guys stick to everything! Then I measured the water.
1/2 cup flax seeds : 2 cups water

  • Put them both in a saucepan on high and set your timer to 7:00

  • Right as the timer for 7:00 went off - it bubbled like crazy and was finally thick enough to be considered egg white consistency!
  • I added 1 tbsp coconut oil, and let it melt into the boiling water.

  • Then through the metal sieve I poured the egg white texture mixture. Clumsy me tipped the sieve and got flax seeds into my new gel.
  • Serves me right trying to use my camera phone while doing this!!

  • Ahhh yuck! Don't do that! It thickens up real quick and won't go through the sieve a second time!!!

  • Ack! I think I've lost this thirty cent batch. I'm washing tomorrow so I've put some of this gel along my hairline and at the end of my braid to have a comparison and to see how it holds.
  • This was really easy. You do need to keep stirring it though. The flax seeds want to sink to the bottom and a few times I found myself un sticking them from my pot.
  • After sieving the seeds, be careful, they are hot!! Let them cool. 
  •  And wash that sieve ASAP! The gel gets goopier and goopier as it cools :)

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