Thursday, August 1, 2013

Making SoapNut Hair Cleanser - Part 1

This recipe from MilkySilky was my base.

  • I measured 6 cups of tap water, and 30 soap nuts.
  • I used my kitchen shears to crack each nut.
  • I rinsed out the air tight bottle I plan to use; it's an old juice container with the plastic label taken off.
  • I put the water onto high for it to boil and added the cracked nuts.
  • As soon as the water hit a bubbling boil, the soap nuts released bubbles.

  • Very quickly they all started bubbling, releasing the good stuff.

  • I covered the pot and turned it down to low. 
  • I set the timer for 15 minutes.

  • I took a peek and all the bubbles disappeared when I raised the pot lid. Only a few mins to go and it's not very dark :(
  • I'm going to add 5 more mins.. Lets see...

  • 2 mins into my extra time and I can smell it, I'll just take it off the heat now.
  • Leaving it overnight to cool.
  • Took a peek an hour later and it looks very strange.  I'll take a pic in the morning :)

And with all this liquid soap nut extract, I may as well try these recipes.

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