Sunday, August 4, 2013

Soapnuts: My Hair Update

My hair looks great and feels even better!! It has volume, body and although there's a bit of frizz, there's no "product" in it to combat the frizz, so I'm very pleased.

Right at the crown of my hair, a little lower and back, right where my high ponytail sits, is the only place I have a concern. It's itchy occasionally, but likely because silly me added CO to my acid rinse when I washed it!! I'm tempted to wash again with soapnuts liquid (or juice rather) and add CO manually, then get the BBB in there to get my natural sebum to do its job and take care of that spot.

I did use my DIY flax gel to get the curlies to lie down around the hairline and it worked, but didn't last all day. I think it would be best used on wet hair... to help with curl definition and perhaps to help combat some frizz. If used in that ponytail, I think I would have had great hair today!!!


I have zero dry-straw-hair. I'm surprised!

My hair is super hydrated, so much that I didn't wear a hat in the sun because I thought I'd leave a greese mark!!

When I touch my hair though my hands do not feel greesy.


I think I love soapnuts juice!!!

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