Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's working!!!

I'd say I'm onto something!!!

8/28: Washed with SoapNuts straight from the fridge (previously frozen) and rinsed with 1/3 my container of ACV + 7 drops lime EO + half teaspoon jojoba oil in very warm tap water - mixed well and shaken well before each squirt.

Then, I wide tooth combed my hair upside down and added very little jojoba on the trouble spots and then plopped my hair overnight in the T-shirt which has the best stretch-ability and tying-ability (I finally found the right T-shirt!)

At the very least, I prefer jojoba to coconut oil as my moisturizer. I like the healthy sheen and the way it instantly absorbs. I also like that when I do WO washes its still in the hair and the warm water helps the jojoba and my sebum to move down the length of the hair without ending up in the bottom of my tub!!

Ta Daa!!!

Volume! Natural curls!

Too bad it's going into a ponytail ;)

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