Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting close to my goal....

I can distinctly feel how far down my natural oils have travelled in my hair. The crown is the oiliest and luckily that's the area that the oils have travelled the most.

The quality of my hair feels distinctly different. It's heavier, yes, but in a good way. It's softer and silkier and shiny and looks beautiful! Plus the frizzy flyaway a are behaving :)

Here's exactly where the crown oils stop.

I'm adding CO to the ends and into that thick middle area as well. I brush with the BBB every night and have been wearing my hair in a braid. I'm working on letting my hair naturally do its thing, I haven't even tried the flax gel I made.

I'm considering getting a trim once i get a bit more length to take off a little more, and also to get rid of these brassy looking highlights by using henna. I'd stay away from the reds and stick to the medium to dark brown tone of course, but I'm still reading up on it before I make that commitment :)

No WO washes yet.
No itchy scalp.
No concerns.

As an aside. Perhaps because I started using SoapNuts, or perhaps it's the WO washes last week but I meant to mention that my bathtub is a greasy and challenging task to keep clean! I'm thinking some hot water and Dawn dish washing liquid may be in order! Jeez Louise!!

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