Sunday, August 4, 2013

OOPS! I washed it again!

So, I went into the shower to do a WO rinse and detangle. Then I just knew I had to rewash. I jumped out of the still running shower, went downstairs to the fridge and got out my SoapNuts juice. And... I rewashed my hair.

I filled my squeezie bottle with SoapNuts juice and because it was still fridge fresh and cold, I started at the crown right on my salp and saturated my dry hair and srubbed my scalp with both sets of fingers. then I moved all around my scalp and massaged like crazy. Then the middle bulk of my hair and scrubbed and rubbed and the ends, same thing. Then I rinsed and rubbed and massaged some more. I had some juice left (better than last time!) And I put it on that crown/ponytail spot and massaged some more and rinsed.

Now, this article mentioned all the benefits of ACV (apple cider vinegar) for us curlies, so I'm now going to use ACV instead of DWV.

"mentioned... baking soda and how it is alkaline, or a base. Apple cider vinegar on the other hand, is quite acidic. It has a pH of about 3. Wet hair has a pH of 4.5-5.5. If you add an acidic rinse like apple cider vinegar to the hair, it will further reduce the pH of your hair strands. Making your hair slightly more acidic will close the cuticles of the hair, making the layers lay down flat. A smooth, flat cuticle will do four things:

  1. Lock in protein and moisture. Flat cuticles will not let out moisture and protein through evaporation.

  2. Add shine to your hair. Light reflects off of smooth surfaces. While you may not have as much shine as a person with bone straight hair, shine is an indicator that your cuticles are smooth and closed.

  3. Flatten the hair for detangling. Raised cuticles give the hair that jagged, rough feeling we often talk about with shampoos that “strip.” These raised cuticles are more likely to grab and snag on each other.

  4. Add elasticity. Remember that low pH substances have more hydrogen ions (as opposed to hydroxide ions). The more hydrogen bonds, the more manageable and elastic your hair will be over time."

Quoted from Naturally Curly directly.

So Based on what she said, I did a 50%/50% ACV to water rinse. I diluted the DWV way more, but then again, the pH of ACV is closer to natural wet hair, so I'm hoping this is a good thing.

So in the shower... I could feel the oil from my over exuberant rinse last time. But my hair didn't feel tangly or waxy at all with the SoapNuts... I finger detangled it with some resistance but not much. That's HUGE!! That means my hair likes SoapNuts!!

Okay... Now the 50/50 ACV/water rinse was even more interesting!!! My crown that was just scrubbed felt a little sting when the rinse hit, didn't last long though, and I carefully saturated my scalp and hair. Then took the wide tooth comb for a detangle. It glided through! It was unreal! So what Naturally Curly said about ACV sounds like it could very well be true!!!

Then I braided in right in the shower and will continue BBBing starting tomorrow.

- Curlies can't BBB their hair. To spread the sebum by brushing, we need straight hair. I do this by letting it dry in a thick braid. I figure its better than an elastic making a ponytail.
- I did lose what I think is a little more hair than usual, especially considering that the detangle took such little effort. In the grand scheme, it was very little, I'm just paying more attention now ;)
- my hair heels great! My scalp isn't sure. I think I over CO last time, perhaps i have blocked pores because of it. Thus the re-wash today.
- I did not add CO after, not even to my ends, I want to see this recipe in all its true form. (I didn't even add EO to my rinse)

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