Friday, April 10, 2015

My current wash routine, at 21 months in...

The evolution continues...

So its finally spring and there's a ton of wet misty days.  They're the worst, full blown thunder storms are easier to manage!

I got my hair trimmed and had a low poo wash and condition at the hair dressers.  She did a fantastic blow dry which leaves my hair full and bouncy but man!  The heat!!!  My last henna was in March so that makes my next wash possibly a henna wash.  Yes... Henna is sebum removing, I consider it a wash.  I also add two 3/4 ice cube sized portions of coconut milk to my HennaHut henna and because it's on my hair for an hour I still get the benefits of it deep conditioning my hair.  I only use water to rinse.

Following that, it'll be apple cider vinegar mixed with equal parts water and rinsed as my ONLY wash method until the rainy season is finished.  No reason to fight with God given curls due to weather, not me!

Curly updates soon to follow, and pics of that infamous day 14 to 21 week people keep asking about too.