Monday, July 29, 2013

Yay! Greese Lightening!!

No, not the movie... My beautiful curly mane is a greeseball!! I have never, ever as a curly girl had this problem!! Ever!!!!!! Not in the hot humid rainforest, not on camping in the wilderness vacations, not after a wicked hot day in the sun, never!!!!

I must be doing something right ;)

It's an even greeseball, more at the crown, but even. That means my scalp is responding and my sebum factory is in high gear! I've been adding coconut oil to the ends and the middle part of my hair but not at the scalp!

Wooooopppppiieee!!! And it didn't come from a bottle, ... nutty ole me is excited! (Unless the wet oiled hair dripped onto my scalp as I slept plunked last night - sigh)

But yes! I'm a nut ball and Amazon sent me a message that my Soap Nuts shipped - yayy!!! No more too high pH baking soda for me!

You'll have to scroll down to the videos on pH to understand where I'm coming from and why I'm venturing low poo rather than no poo.

So my hand twisted styled hair, it looks great!! The curls held up and I got an indirect compliment... "Does your gel have aloe in it, your ringlets look so pretty!" If she only knew!! Sigh. It didn't last, the sunshine hairline frizzies got to me and I ended up scooping all those ringlets into a cute high "waterfall" ponytail and used water to tame the hairline until I got home. So back to brushing with the BBB for a day or three, then a wash of some sort....

Stay tuned.

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