Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brushing Out Curly Hair....

We all know that when you brush out the curl it ends up being a frizz ball, but when I woke up this morning I was surprised that my scalp wasn't itchy, and my hair didn't feel like straw.  It actually feels like it does in the winter (dry) months but it is SUPER soft!  No, not a little soft, like oh, how lovely but more like little 2 year old children's hair kinda soft!!

So off I trotted to the bathroom, and took the braid out.  OOhhhh, I smell a hint of lime EO, niiiceee... this is what my hair must smell like to other people.  I'm good with that.  Yesterday I rinsed with 50/50% vinegar and water and 5 drops lime EO in between washings and put my wet hair in a braid to dry.  I did not add oil because I wanted to see what the 50/50 vinegar rinse effect would be ;)

So, I thought I'd have a little fun.  I took out the 100% boar bristle brush I recently found in my hair treasure chest from a million years ago and I brushed out the wave created from drying in a braid.

Hilarious, right!  Ya, my hair is almost twice as long when not curly!  But I was amazed at how light and soft it is!  As you can see, this is my bedhead (frizzy hairline sunshine and all) but I just
to share.

I've since brushed out all of my hair and added coconut oil all over and put it back in a braid.  I'm sure glad it's summer and I'm on summer break until September!!  I did realize though that the boar bristles as short as they are, did reach my scalp!!!!  That's amazing because with poo and product, it doesn't even make it half way down to my scalp and could never be used to brush out my hair for example, it really only smoothed my already in a ponytail hair.  Interesting what I'm discovering, eh!

So... WO (water only) rinses for the rest of the week.  I'm going to try to stretch my BS washes out as long as I can and just WO rinse, perhaps vinegar rinse if I need to and adding coconut oil and brushing with the boar bristle brush as needed while keeping this mane in a braid!!!

Update: very little itch today after CO on the ends and middle and a WO rinse, brushed with the BBB and let it dry in a braid. Progress!!!

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