Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting Great Curls!!

So, I've been thinking about why plunking or plopping works.  For us curlies, it's because we are helping a natural curl to take shape and dry undisturbed.  So, I was trying to figure out how I could ensure my hair style is more predictable... I literally I had to do a mental shift back to the basics.

Most of the posts of great curly hair days on the Support Group I frequent have somewhat stringy curls and are simply happy they are having a better than normal hair day, but I want GREAT hair, and predictable hair without the product (and expense)... so I got thinking.....

The holy grail for my, is the Curl Keeper product, it acts like a serum or setting lotion and helps curls to find their way into what I'll call clumps (for lack of a prettier word).  Also, it's applied wet, which is when curls take shape soooo.....

Why not use the same principal (without product) and hand form my curls and let it dry in the plunking/plop style of a t-shirt wrap?

Here's some inspiration...

First, here's the un "product-styled" wet hair.  To the left is combed out with a wide tooth comb, (stringy) and to the right is my hand spiralled curls, all wet of course.

stringy vs curly

Next is a better view of what they looked like.  This was taken just before I did that last section to the left of my phone.  Notice my twirling finger has hair wrapped around it, and my wide tooth shower comb on the counter and also my white/black bristle root brush (simply an amazing brush to comb the hair before twirling it).    I'll try to remember to take a dry "after pic" tomorrow and post it below.

And in the morning.... all dry, ta daa!  Now I need to figure out how to get more volume at the crown.  This is a GREAT realization.  Woot! Woot!  I'm thinking I better start sleeping with a silk or satin sleeping cap like they did in the old days, and wear my hand-styled hair out on day 1, half up on day 2, ponytail on day 3 and in a bun until I can't stand it and need to wash it. As well, I'm going to need to try some of those natural hair gels for when I do get it into a bun or pony tail to tame the sunshine ;)

6am: hand styled & punked to dry overnight worked!
As well, here's a great post on how to apply a moisturizing oil which I thought was wonnnnderfulllll!!! Dipping the comb... sigh, why didn't I think of that!!  Still, it may be too much, we'll try that another time.


Create Your Own Conditioning Hair Mask

For occasional deep conditioning, purchase a conditioning mask or make your own with oils from the body-care department at Whole Foods Market®.Rosemary Oil
  • 1/4 cup jojoba oil
  • 1 tablespoon argan oil
  • 5 drops rosemary 100% essential oil
  • 5 drops 365 Everyday Value® 100% Lavender Essential Oil
Start with dry hair. Brush scalp with a rubber bristle brush to exfoliate. Combine all ingredients in a clean glass or ceramic bowl. Apply with a comb to the driest parts of your hair, the middle and ends. Work the oils into the tips, and then apply the remainder to your scalp and massage. Next, arrange hair into a braid or bun and leave in for 15 minutes to overnight. (Be sure to protect your pillowcase.) Shampoo and style.

And find more great tips on the Whole Foods website.  Also, after such a great testament to how wonderful jojoba oil is, here's 10 other great uses for Jojoba Oil.

Update:  I didn't have to wash my hair today, on day 4 because I think the egg wash 2 days ago did a really great job, but I did do a vinegar wash WITH a bit of coconut oil and lime EO and shook it up really well because I need my hair to look great tomorrow!!  This rinse was all about styling!

So far...
July 7 - last shampoo wash
July 14 - first BSV (baking soda and vinegar) wash
... WO washes almost daily, dry hair and scalp.
July 21 - second BSV wash
July 23 - 50/50 vinegar water rinse - happy hair!
July 26 - egg rinse
July 28 - Water wash and 20% vinegar and 5 drops Lime EO rinse.

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