Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wash #2

Recipe: 2 parts baking soda : 3 parts water, a drop of tea tree oil, shake very well
1 part vinegar : 8 parts water + 5 drops of lime essential oil

The top of my scalp feels a little tender, not itchy and dry, and not truly sore,  I think my tender scalp may be from so much brushing.  It makes me keep touching and rubbing it so I added one drop of tea tree oil (I really hate the smell) to water.  As for the slippery baking soda and hard versus soft water, I added more BS and more water, so I mixed the BS with water in a little container and put the lid and shook it really well immediately before my shower and then added water until I had a full squeezie bottle of it and it really did feel less grainy and I got more overall coverage on my scalp and it washed out really easily.  I'm onto something there...

There's also a lot less frizzies straight out of the shower, so something is working and my hair feels light even though it's wet and normally with product it's heavy.  It's also drying super fast!!

Here's a look at my wet hair on the left, and then dry on the right.  Note, it only took an hour to dry - unheard of!!! I still have frizzies, so I've worked in a bit of coconut oil on the ends and put it up in a bun - man, my scalp hurt by the end of the day,  it looks like everything is adjusting!

I'm going to do a little less brushing and a little more finger massaging.

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