Monday, July 22, 2013

What about Hair products?

I am going to a party tonight and feel like my boring old braid isn't quite enough.  So it's going up in a sleek bun and I'm using a touch of gel today.  It's one that claims to be mostly aloe vera for around my hairline / face because I've always had some fly away frizzies. (My sunshine lol)  I've used this gel many times on my 5 year old and I hope since it claims to be water soluble that it's going to rinse out tomorrow morning.  It has to, right!  It's an emergency!  This is supposed to be a chemical free zone, going "no-poo" and all, but us curlies have loooots of things to say about hair care products, I on the other hand have only have one thing to say ...

End of story.

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