Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rinse: Upping the Vinegar Factor...

In between cleansing, I've been rinsing with only water, daily pretty much. Today I took some advice I read online, I tried 50% vinegar with 50% water with my 5 drops of lime essential oil (No baking soda) for an in between rinse.
Did a writeup on her one week experiment, it's hilarious!  Her recipe was different enough that it's worth a try for me.  Dissolve 1 Tbs of soda into 8oz of water ...  and a 50/50 vinegar mix.  
I took her up on the 50/50% vinegar rinse idea.

Brushing it out wet was pretty easy, that tells me that the hair cuticle is smooth (vinegar % perhaps?)

I've been taking it easy on my scalp in the last two days since I was brushing 50 strokes each day (wet with my plastic bristle brush) to try moving the natural oils down the hair but that started making my scalp tender so for the last two days I've only been finger massaging it and my scalp is way happier. I even let the vinegar run over my scalp and it felt fine.

I went digging through my mountain of hair stuff in my bathroom cabinet and found my 100% boar bristle brush. The bristles are too short for detangling but the bristles will surely help spread natural oils once my hair has been detangled.

Note - I'm skipping the coconut oil on my wet hair today to see what the 50/50 vinegar effect is. Also, I'm rinsing wayyyy longer to make sure nothing is left on my hair.

Finally, this week will be the true test of my transition since normally this is the longest I've ever gone without shampoo and normally my head is itchy, oily in the crown area and I can't stand it, so... So far, its great!

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