Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PH levels - a MUST read!

I have a question burning in the back of my head, and its about the PH level of the baking soda and vinegar.

Here's one answer: Add parts togeter then divide by the number of parts.

1 part water to 1 part vinegar
={7.06 + 2.14}/2 assuming parts are equal
=4.61 PH

9 parts water to 1 part vinegar
={63.54 + 2.14}/10 (since ten parts)
=6.5 PH

And another source says baking soda is a base with a PH of 8.3 and vinegar is an acid with a PH of 2.2

What this means, I don't really know yet. However, I did get this information from a source that I know and trust...

The curl expert at Gossip Curls says:

"Thanks for sharing your experimenting with washing or not washing curly hair. The vinegar wash method is an old myth that can have benefits for a one time use but long term use can cause your hair to become too acidic thus damaging the condition of your hair. The acidic content is not controlled and is too harsh to be applied daily. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with different methods for washing or not washing your hair however its important to do lots of research because without knowing you may be causing damage to your curls that could take awhile for you to bounce back to healthy locks. I would suggest using a shampoo, such as Curly Hair Solutions Shampoo, that is controlled and has an acid pH level of 4.5, ensuring that you will not strip away any natural essential oils."
So the trick may be water rinsing daily and washing once a week... or a bit longer??? Us Curly Girls have dryyy hair and need to pay attention to these things.

Theoretically (and ignorantly I might add, the PH of 50% water to 50% vinegar is 4.61 and the "Curly Hair Solutions Shampoo has an acid pH level of 4.5, ensuring that you will not strip away any natural essential oils."
Let's continue on the journey because I know for a fact that my hair is wayyyyy happier after two weeks of no washing WITH shampoo during my winter re-moisturizing efforts, only my scalp was unhappy, so I hope I'm onto something here going "no poo".

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