Friday, July 26, 2013

Rinse: With Egg

So I did it, I tried doing an egg wash.

The egg is supposed to add protein to the hair, thus strengthening it.

Thanks to my new Guru, Clare I tried it.  She advised that :

"The whole egg is good at both moisturizing and eliminating oil. Some people say you should use just the white for oily hair and just the yolk for dry hair and the whole egg for normal hair."

I just used 3 whole eggs and an equal about of water since my hair is longer.    I left it in for 5 minutes which forced me to have a VERY long shower, I should time this with shaving day next time, sheesh, that was a much longer than normal (coolish) shower!!!   And then I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, and rinsed some more.  I used a very wide tooth comb to detangle which was actually a little harder to do than it is with the vinegar rinse.  I'm guessing the PH of the vinegar or the acidity or something closes the cuticles but the egg doesn't.  I used the very wide toothed comb with the egg a little then after I was all rinsed out because I didn't want to separate my curls too much. (see the pic above)

Then I plunked, or plopped or whatever you want to call it.  I used a Tshirt but I think a thicker tshirt perhaps with a more sturdy/thicker bottom edge may work better since I found in my inexperience, I didn't properly get the hair around my ears in the wrap very well.  I may end up with flat curls around my ears, oh well.  Once it's dry, I'll update this post and show you a pic of the dried, egg-protein rinse no poo curly girl glory :)
The BBB does not work on wet curly hair.  I realize I can only use it when my hair is dry and flat , for example dried in a ponytail or braid, then bushed.  There's no way to keep curls with a BBB.  But I appreciate it's the best way to move the sebum.  I'm learning :)

And it's just about dry, out of the tshirt and looks fabulous! Let's see if it can last until tonight all out in its curly glory? I won't be touching it because that's likely to disrupt the curls without product so I'll BBB and braid it later if it lasts. So far, I'm pleased. It's shiny too ;).

Looks fabby! This may be the best way to style my hair when I go back to work. BBB at night, add coconut oil and water, scrunch, plunk and sleep on it. It'll be good to go in the morning!!

My scalp still feels like I should scratch it though - understandable, I'll just continue to massage it and try to hold out for two more days before using BS and V again :)

Not happy with the "natural" smell though... I may need to make up an EO spray or add EO to the coconut oil I'm adding daily?? We'll see. I know it's scalp related, sebum transition related and the BS wash in two more days will help I'm sure.

After a whole day on the road! I've still got defined curls but the top layer is of course frizzy. I think that's a huge accomplishment because getting this kind of curl definition without product is something to be desired in the curly community now isn't it ;)

Signing off with my most defined and protected curl...

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