Saturday, July 27, 2013

A SoapNuts Wash???

My hair takes forever to dry and my daily water rinses for easier hair styling are probably what's making my hair smell very "natural".  It's not a dirty, stinky smell, just very natural, as I guess it should, sigh.  I've added my lime EO to the vinegar wash but perhaps I shoudl be spraying it with water onto my brush as well.  After all, it IS summer and hot so going no poo and with the heat means my sebum producing factory is on overdrive and the water doesn't help with any of that! Brushing with the BBB does though ;)

I fell asleep last night with my beautiful (almost normal) curly hair all out, and today I'm just going to take a break from the water and put it up in a loose bun - without combing out the tangles because other than a little frizz, my curls still look great!!!  Yesterday was the lovely egg wash and a fabulous naturally curly - great all-out hair day - my mane looked fabulous and full and healthy!!

Tomorrow is a day 4 and my expected BSV wash day, but after watching the videos on the pH of BS in my last post, (and my scalp and hair look and feel fabulous), I'm having serious second thoughts, so I'm going to hold out longer!  GASP!  Just rinses for me... but not today.

So... I've just ordered Soap Nuts from Amazon with very reasonable shipping and they'll be here in about a week.  It looks like a very reasonable alternative to BSV :) SNV (soapnut wash with a vinegar rinse).

SoapNuts Wash Recipe

And another from

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