Thursday, January 16, 2014

Water Only Wash

Ya. It thought maybe I could create an acronym -WOW - but no. It wasn't so wow.

We started here about 2 weeks after my last soap on the scalp wash. My hair felt fabulous, my scalp too, but I wanted to experiment a little since I haven't seen my curls for quite some time!

I did a WO wash, used my ACV rinse and added nothing. Then plopped to dry. Voila!

Fabulous voluminous curls, not crunchy or dry, just great hair, curled onto itself ends which always signify healthy ends to me. Happy, right?

No! It was a windy day and with no commercial product to keep the curls and ringlets together I ended up looking like quite a pouff ball!

So.. I do need aloe vera gel not only for moisture but to help the curls keep definition.

I'll keep you updated, but for now, this pouff ball is going up into a bushy ponytail!

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