Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brushing Advice

I've been using my BBB (brush) twice a day. I brush in small sections (like 14) upside down, to the left and to the right. I add jojoba oil to my ends with EOs for a scent to keep my ends hydrated and here's what happens....

The oil, the naturally produced sebum moves down the length of my hair, slowly but surely, like an inch every two weeks, maybe more. As it glides down the length of my naturally dry hair, it fills in the pores and makes it soft and shiny - slightly heavier overall too.

I can see the transitioned hair with sebum and the old hair because the transitioned hair is soft and silky and the bottom part is slightly lighter in colour and weight and is more frizzy looking overall.

When I WO, I scritch my scalp all over, like a gentle nail scratch massage, then I brush as above to get any skin cells or stuff out of my hair. Then I use warrrrrrrmmmm water and since oil liquifies when warm, I think it helps move the sebum. I do use a wide comb in the shower. And I always do an ACV (Apple cider vinegar) rinse all over with EOs (essential oils) when I WO (wash with water only). I may be imagining it but I feel like it hydrates and cleanses my scalp just a little, enough to refresh me to go on.

I remember earlier I'd get pimples or something on my scalp, they came and went pretty quickly but what was worse was when I kept my hair in a ponytail or bun, when is take it out, my scalp would huuurrttt from keeping my hai in one position. I think when I pulled my hair into a ponytail it was leaving a bit of the follicle open to debris. Because my scalp skin wasn't used to being hydrated, and certainly not with sebum, I think the follicles were getting filled in and when the hair was moved ins different direction it got confused, and it hurt. That's when I started brushing in every direction. Most importantly, I stopped brushing from the forehead back since the top of my scalp started getting sensitive since that's the thinnest part of my hair. I only brush forehead back when styling now.

Now - happy scalp. Happy hair. Happy me. No smell after I brush. 21 days between cleanses and rare WOs.

Hope that helps.

And now.... Re growth! My hairline is filling in - yay!!!

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