Sunday, January 5, 2014

Washing, I'm not so sure....

Okay, it's back to work tomorrow and I figured if I wanted all of my hair to transition, I should just wash my scalp with the argan oil soap bar, flat iron it straight again and keep going to try to transition the ends of my hair.  I've set my flat iron at about 3/4 the heat I used to use no - poo and as this is the second time I'm flat ironing it all I did notice my hair was not as cooperative as it was the first time.  Specifically then ends... time for a trim ;)

When I wet my hair for the first time in 14 days, it did smell a little oily, but not for long.  I lathered the soap on my fingertips and massaged the crown of my head where I'm oiliest.  About three dips of my fingertips was plenty soapy lather for the job, maybe even too much.  And I rinsed with water.  Boy, my curly were back with gusto!!  Then in my squirt bottle I filled it halfway with apple cider vinegar and the rest with warm water and I wet my entire scalp and lengths of my hair, ends and then top of my head with my ACV rinse.  My scalp tingled a little, probably from all that brushing I've been doing, but didn't even last a minute.  I then rinsed it all thoroughly and used my tangle tamer brush to detangle it while the water continued to pour over my hair.  Then I put a tiny bit of warm water not my squirt bottle, then 7 drops of tangerine essential oil, a drop or two of jojoba oil and filled the rest up half way with water.  I shook it vigorously and saturated my ends.  Then I saturated the length of my hair careful not to touch the scalp and when there was barely anything left, i squirted it into my hands and used that tiny bot on the top of my head.  I brushed again with my tangle tamer brush and squeezed out the excess water really well.

Then I let my hair air dry, all out.  Wow, there were some awesome ringlets and lots of frizz!  Plopping to dry *curly* really is the only way to go!

When thoroughly dry (in the evening) I carefully flat ironed the whole thing in small sections and brushed it all out.  My hair looked lovely, felt heavier than I'm accustomed to, and the ends - meh!  They need a trim, but they'll have to hold out for a while yet.

So... 23 days since my last wash... lets see if I can make it past Jan 28th!!

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