Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy No Poo Year!!!

So to sum it all up, I've reached hair nirvana!!!

As a curly girl going no poo, consider the fact that if you want to continue curly, there's no problem doing a water wash, with scalp massage and detangle and a 50/50 (or close to that ratio) of ACV/water rinse even every day! You'll be able to tell if your hair and scalp likes that.

If you have dry scalp, it  will work itself out once you let Mother Nature do her sebum magic, but the ACV will help, perhaps with a few drops of tea tree oil and scritching gently with your fingernails and massaging with the water and detangling brush/comb in the water will help as well. 

Finally, plop to dry your hair curly. It'll become natural 

Having said that, as in love with all my curly glory as I am, I found myself becoming more committed to getting through the transition after my day 1 using baking soda messed my hair up royally by drying it out something fierce!!! 

In my experience, SoapNuts was wonderful in the summer and I've settled into my current routine nicely with an Argan Oil handmade Castille soap bar  that I only use to cleanse my scalp at the crown - the oiliest spot, only.

Last time I went 21 days with one water wash and ACV rinse. Also, I found it hard to get the sebum past my ears, that's how I figured out I needed to only use soap on the crown area only, I left the sebum in place otherwise and let it work it's way down the length of my hair then ... I flat ironed my hair... Yup... I had to look good at work one day and my daily bun wasn't cutting it... and I just felt I had to - best thing I ever did!!!!

OMG, brushing the flat ironed hair was a breeze, compared to brushed out curly hair worn in a but with Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer and styling aid 9and even a scalp moisturizer).  With flat ironed hair I'd use a plastic comb to scritch my scalp, then brush with a boar bristle brush (with nylon mixed in) twice a day and my hair looked awesome, the sebum flowed to the ends and guess what!!! When I plop to dry, I went from taking about 8 hours overnight to dry to... 30 minutes plopped, 10 minutes air drying and then it was dry enough to go out in the winter cold!!!!!!! Ya! Serious!   I'm guessing that sebum has filled in the porous structure of my curly hair. (Think Swiss cheese) Now that the water isn't getting trapped in the holes, it slips off, and dries quickly!

I've got bra strap length, thick (formerly dry) curly hair and I'm one week shy of my 6 monthiversary no poo!! I use a handmade Argan Oil Castille soap bar, 50/50% apple cider vinegar with water as a conditioning rinse, Aloe Vera Gel as a moisturizer and a styling aid, rarely use Jojoba Oil on my ends and my favourite, tangerine essential oil.

I will never ever go back!

Happy No Poo Year!!

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