Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Curly Hair Styling

Sleep on a satin pillowcase, here's why...

Plopping... What is that???

Start at 0:42... #3, part and shake before plopping for well defined beautiful curls!!

Here's another for enhansing curl definition, ignore the product he's selling.  He is a true guru on curly hair - he has some really great styling tips!! (styling starts at 2:11), and that scrunching he's talking about, do that into your plop and ta daa!!!!

My plop

I plop using an old maternity T-shirt that can be stretched a lot!  
I use a similar technique to the long sleeve one above, 
just tweaked and remember to always tie in front.

Headband Curls 
when wearing your hair straight are awesome!!

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