Monday, February 3, 2014


So after yesterday's do's and don'ts of plopping to dry, I flat ironed my hair last night.  Boy does medium heat take one hundred years to get decent looking hair!!

I ironed very very small sections and left the ends until last so I could tell it which way to curl.  Sigh... It took forever! 

I also forgot about flyaways.. I call them my sunshine fan, all around the hairline - thanks to aloe vera gel, that's all taken care of.  It was most interesting to see the new growth around my hairline - wow!!

Finally, I mixed jojoba oil with tangerine essential oil and lightly coated my finger tips and then all around and between my fingers and then oiled my ends, then the thick of my hair then with whatever was left, I rubbed onto my palms and lightly oiled the front and then the surface of my hair.

Its all so light, feels very weird but soft of course, after yesterdays wash. I am looking forward to the healthy glow of sebum, and sine weight to control these flyaways, that should return in 3 days.


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