Sunday, February 9, 2014

What's in my brush & hair update

I keep saying that despite having curly hair, brushing is so very important.  It moves the sebum away from the roots, spreading it down the length of the hair, filling in the pores, nourishing hair naturally leaving it soft, shiny and very healthy and strong.  I brush about 100 strokes or more at nighttime.  I just know when I've brushed enough.  In the morning I brush to style it, when I wear my hair straightened.  I usually brush really well before a wash, then the warm water helps move the sebum even more. That's very helpful when I wear my hair curly because I go about 4 days without brushing it at all when curly.  So on the topic of brushing to move sebum, do you think it would have been possible to get a feather in my brush if I was oily... not a chance!  BBB or boar bristle brushing works!!

On the hair front, once again I've proven two things to myself:

1) Sebum moves faster on straight/straightened hair!  I'm ready for a wash already, its only been a week, sheesh!

2) Hormones seriously affect oil production!

So... I'm going to try waiting two more days, since sometimes my hair rectifies itself without me doing anything and then I'm thinking I may try doing to do a water only hot water wash and 50% apple cider vinegar/water rinse and since I'm getting it wet, I  may as well try the Bantu knots while I'm drying it naturally anyway!  But we'll see...

Stay tuned...

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