Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hair Plopping Problems

It recently occurred to me that some curly girls haven't had the experience of getting the best curls they possibly can...yet!  I learned how to have great hair from Jonathan Torch of the Curly Hair Institute at but, now that I am product free, I thought I'd do an experiment and post some no poo tips and tricks for you.

Originally, I posted this about How I plop to dry.  click here.

Now I'm going to take it to the next level.  Not all plops are going to end up with a great curly style.
  • If you plop your hair upside down and when very wet, you get more volume, and a good outcome. 
  • If you brush your hair and plop after it starts drying, you get 80s hair (see right)
  • If you finger form the curls, you get a pretty good outcome, but it tangles way more (see left) and this was plopped after it started drying, not the best option, I did it for this post, so please plop when saturated!
  • If you form the ringlets and plop by compressing them, you get the BEST outcome, and they last longer because once dry you can separate the curls without losing the shape!

Start by viewing the video below, and by ignoring the product he's selling.

He is a true guru on curly hair - he has some really great styling tips!! (styling starts at 2:11), and that scrunching he's talking about, do that into your plop and ta daa!!!!

 I hope this helps someone .. comment below if you have more plopping tips or suggestions.

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