Thursday, February 27, 2014

LOW poo... never again!

Okay, so in my last post, I was clear to say that I was okay with my hairdresser using low poo, I was. I'm now convinced I'll likely never do it again UNLESS I have human bodily fluids in my hair like the time I had yucky baby puke - that would seriously be the only exception!!

So I'm 9 days past my hairdresser visit and for the FIRST time, my hair is starting to look more luminous, and the fly-aways are taming themselves because sebum... GLOOOORIOUS SEBUM... has returned!  The low poo washed the sebum right out of my hair and reminded me of the dry hair I used to have before going no poo.

A WINDY curly haired day!
So, I love sebum and no poo because...

  1. My hair looks fantastic!  It's pretty and healthy and soft and satiny.
  2. I get light reflecting rainbows (not really) on my luminous, healthy hair.  I see red, blond, blue even purple highlights I never knew I had.  Imagine what others are seeing from the back!
  3. My hair doesn't need styling products, at all.  I rarely add aloe vera for moisture or definition anymore, and only use jojoba oil on my ends closer to the two week wash mark.
  4. I rarely have tangles, even when I wash it in the shower, it's now easy to detangle!
  5. Oh yeah, I only wet my hair twice a month... unless I want to style it curly.
  6. I can wash, wear it curly for 4-5 days, then I have to wear it straight so I can brush daily until my next cleansing wash, so, NO curly girls, I can't seem do what I'm doing without brushing my hair.  It simply isn't sustainable for me.

Straightened and still have volume :)
The drawbacks

  1. I have to brush daily starting on day 4 or 5?  Hardly a problem ;)  If i don't, the pores on my dry scalp hurt a little, I guess being blocked?  I'm not sure but my scalp has never been healthier from daily brushing.
  2. Swimming in chlorine freaks me out a bit, it messes with my washing cycle.
  3. I don't get as much volume on the top of my head as I'd like, but that's okay, when straightened, it only ever lasted about 2 hours before no poo anyway!
All in all, LOW poo is not for me!  I will continue NO poo-ing my hair.

I currently use a nourishing argan oil shampoo bar (on my scalp only) and a 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water conditioning rinse, and I plop to dry curly.  Then I either brush it out gently while dry and use low heat to flat iron it, to ease brushing or else I have to brush it and style it in up-dos, so I can continue brushing daily.   In the summer, I'll use SoapNuts to cleanse, perhaps more often too, and the same conditioning rinse ratio.

I love no poo!!

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