Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hairdresser, low poo & beer experiment

Today was my 2nd time going to the hairdresser since going no poo. 

In Sept, she was super supportive and gave me a trim.  This time she commented first on how fabulous my hair looked, how long its gotten and then... I guess 9am was too early for the "needs" of no poo lol... I showed her my bar of soap, listed the ingredients and how I use it to lather and scrub my scalp and she had that look of horror like I was going to go over my time since I was here for a trim too... So I whipped out the low poo (I'm ok with that) and she looked relieved.  But I had my acv ready with grapefruit EO and she had to live through the smell... That's my conditioner after all.

After, she happily commented on how the smell of acv totally disappeared after the blow dry lol lol... Yes, I had her blow dry it, I'm OK with that too.

Being a confident no poo chick has certainly helped make going for a trim less stressful.

Now let's see how the low poo'd all over hair behaves!

In future, I think I'll eventually wash my way before visiting and let her spritz wet  to trim. 

Bottom line: At least she thinks I'm clean!!!!! Isn't that always what we're afraid to be judged about?  I mean seriously, 16 days since my head last saw water, and she had no issues with it based on smell or how it looked or felt!!!  I'd say that's a win!


Day 3: sebum and a good brushing and the lions mane of fuzzy new flyaway growth is lying down without product.  Now the back center is staticky and I can only wear a ponytail.  I'm sure looking forward to sebum infused hair again!  My scalp feels just fine.  My ends are a touch dry.  Tonight when I brush I'll add some jojoba oil to the ends of my otherwise naked hair ;)

Day 5: (Pic) Family dinner, looking great with my naked finger-styled hair on a very windy day!!  This pic sooo reminds me of the small fortune I'm saving lol lol, got three compliments too - a great bonus, and the great trim and shape up really makes a difference :)

Day 6: There's no way I can wash but I had a little sticky stuff get into my almost week-old hair, so I washed with a bottle of beer and an apple cider vinegar/water rinse.  We'll see if the curls like the brew ;)

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