Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hair Update

July 7 - last shampoo wash
July 14 - first BSV (baking soda and vinegar) wash
... WO washes almost daily, dry hair and scalp.
July 21 - second BSV wash
July 23 - 50/50 vinegar water rinse - happy hair!
July 26 - egg rinse (shiny, smooth, happy hair)
July 28 - Water wash and 20% vinegar and 5 drops Lime EO rinse
Aug 3 - soapnuts wash, 50% ACV, half tbsp coconut oil, 5 drops lime EO with equal parts water for the rinse. CO added liberally.
Aug 4 - SoapNuts wash, 50%ACV, 50% water rinse. CO mid and ends.
Aug 8 - 1 part ACV, 5drops lime EO with 9 parts water rinse only. (CO added to ends only once since last wash. None added today.)
Aug 13 - Egg wash. 3 eggs to equal parts water with a lukewarm shower and a good long rinse. I also did a coconut milk rinse and an ACV rinse with 10 drops tangerine EO. Felt oily and heavy and yuck!
Aug 16 I did a SoapNuts wash with 20% ACV to water with 7 drops of tangerine EO rinse. I rinsed a very very long time. It was easy to detangle, but ever so slightly waxy/squeeky while wet, but I let it dry all out, no braids or elastics. It looked great and felt light and soft. It dried quicker than I'm used to with "product" in it though. 
Aug 28 - SoapNuts wash with 50% ACV to water with 7 drops of Lime EO rinse.  Added Jojoba on day 2 and then day 5, on the ends after WO washes as well.
Sept 7 - Washed with an Argan oil castille soap wash with 50% ACV to water with 7 drops of Lime EO rinse.
Sept 12 - Rinsed with 50% ACV and used the argan oil soap on lower half and ends only.  Great for oil distribution. 
Sept 15 - SoapNuts wash and 50% ACV with 5 drops lime EO and a capful of jojoba oil with very warm water as a rinse.
Sept 22 - Washed with an Argan oil castille soap bar with 50% ACV to very warm water with 7 drops of Lime EO and four spritzes of jojoba oil (which I use as my moisturizer normally) as my rinse.

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