Saturday, September 7, 2013

Argan Oil Soap - the wash

Soap-nuts is going well, it's become wonderfully predictable, which I love.  My hair feels clean and I get to control the moisturizing once the ACV has done it's job.  Jojoba is my oil of choice.  It feels great and lasts, and absorbs; I don't have to reapply daily like I did with coconut oil.  My bathtub also looks cleaner overall, and is easily cleaned with Dawn & vinegar and warm water!  (YES! No elbow grease on the grease!)  I'm applying jojoba oil infused with Lime EO on day 2 and day 5 from the ponytail area to the ends and what little sheen is left on my hands I rub into my scalp in areas and then on my hair top and hairline.  I feel that the jojoba nourishes the end parts of my hair where the sebum hasn't reached, which is now 2 inches below my ponytail holder on my bra length long hair.  Then I add jojoba on the ends whenever I do a WO wash to restyle my hair.

My hair has always looked better the dirtier it gets, that's a true curlygirl statement ;)  The same holds true as a no poo curly girl.  I have great light and voluminous curls on day 1 after plopping, and if I do a WO and add jojoba on day two I can repeat the all out curly girl style, then I move on to curly ponytail for a day or two, then another WO and jojoba application #2 on day 5 and onto french braids, ponytails, and buns, first messy then sleek for up to 12 days!!  I think 9 days is my ideal length of time between washes though, even from before no poo.

So I found what works... almost.  I started adding aloe butter as a pomade to get my hairline frizzes to lie down when in a ponytail and my hair looked lovely and healthy.  I loved it!  I've started using it on my lips and on my daughter's hairline frizzies as a pomade as well.

So today is day 11, time for a wash.  I went to visit my dear fiend the SoapBoss who makes handmade soaps at The Canadian Soap Company.  She has lovely soaps that have cured my eczema on my hands completely, I no longer use a moisturizer on my body, now that I'm washing exclusively with her soaps and only got two pedicures for this entire calendar year when I used to get pedicures monthly!  (One on my birthday, a treat not a necessity!) My skin looks great!  I'm also using her all natural goats milk soap as a facial bar right now, with little need for a moisturizer and no breakouts on my combination skin!!

I digress... I also came across an argan oil castille soap in her shop today, and my brain got thinking... I read a lot about argan oil in my search for the coconut oil replacement (that ended up for me being jojoba oil) and remembered it resonated with me because those great store bought moroccan oil products all have argan oil!!  It leaves hair soft and shiny.  As a curly girl, I need oil!  I also need soft and shiny soo.... I bought a bar!

I did an argan oil castille soap wash with 50% ACV to water with 7 drops of Lime EO rinse.

The argan oil soap bar wash was awkward.  How much do I use.  Do I lather on my hands and work it into my scalp area?  When things are dirty you don't get a lather with soap, but using soap nuts and prior to that the BS, I wasn't really thinking about the lather... until it started in one spot and not the others.  So flashes of regression and going back to stage one of this no poo journey flashed through my mind as I continued rubbing and scrubbing the actual argan oil BAR at this point in my hair and scalp getting an even lather.  I rinsed.  You know that squeaky clean feeling that makes me think "DRY" and cringe?  I got that feeling and felt the tears prick my eyelids - what have I done??????   So I continued so i was at least evenly washed on the whole length of my hair and scalp.  Feeling squeaky/waxy and not impressed!!  Then onto my 50% ACV with EO rinse and my hair just went smooth and silky like it melted into my hands!  It was begging for the ACV.... the detangle that followed was relatively easy and ended with a finger detangle while I continued rinsing.  I must say, those itchy spots were a burnin hot hot hot with the ACV!  But soothed once I rinsed with water.

What I learned.... 50% ACV is actually what detangles my hair!!

Then I did a quick BBB and french braided my hair for sleep.  I'll update you on the dried hair & no poo status in the morning, stay tuned.

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