Monday, September 23, 2013

Argan Oil bar still a happy relationship

Note: I use a boar bristle brush to brush my hair 100 strokes (like in the old days) at night and before I rinse with water. Once brushed, the curls are obviously gone. They have to be rewet to restyle. I usually wear my hair curly within the first three days of washing my hair with SoapNuts or the Argan Oil Soap Bar - and I plop to dry :)

Last time I washed I used SoapNuts which was great. I had to take the time to add my jojoba oil for moisture, but I have no complaints, except I think my curls suffer slightly.

Sept 22 - Washed with an Argan oil castille soap bar with 50% ACV to very warm water with 7 drops of Lime EO and four spritzes of jojoba oil (which I use as my moisturizer normally) as my rinse.

Yesterday I washed with the Argan Oil bar - my curls are lush and happy. I think it helps that I add the jojoba oil into my ACV rinse with very hot water so I'm getting argan oil and jojoba oil infused hair right out of the shower. Detangling is a breeze and generally, it takes a little longer to dry (than with SoapNuts) but my curls are pretty, defined and happy.

The picture above is NOT what it looks like plopped and dried - it's AFTER the curls are brushed out - I do not even leave the bathroom like this - yuck!!

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