Sunday, September 8, 2013

Argan Oil - Reflections

I bought the sulphate free Oil of Morocco Argan oil shampoo and conditioner as my super luxurious hair treatment before I started no poo.  I'm still using it on my daughter for that very reason.  It just struck me that it contains argan oil ... and grapeseed oil (among another unpronouncables).  So about my argan oil castille soap wash...

After realizing this "argan oil" content and how great it makes our hair feel and look, I set out to do my day two oil application  of jojoba oil and was paying particular attention to how my hair feels after washing with the argan oil castille soap bar.

It feels light, and looks shiny.  It feels clean but not so light that it is frizzy or fly away.  My ends, the layers and split ends are glaringly obvious after the wash.  So I separated my hair eventually into twelve sections and put a teensy bit of my chosen oil - jojoba oil - and BBB brushed it through until evenly and lightly coated.  My hair feels soft, looks shiny and lovely.  The ends are trashy but slighly more settled.

Here's what I think.  I think I got a good cleanse with the argan oil castille soap.  I think I spent more time at the scalp and less on the ends and perhaps since it is an argan oil soap, I need to get a very very rich lather at the ends MORE than at the scalp, so it can truly coat my ends as nicely as my hair near my scalp looks and feels.  Because I use handmade soaps, and no linger need a skin moisturizer, I know that the soap IS depositing the oils into my hair so I need to give it a chance to penetrate.

I believe that the last time I reported, the sebum had travelled to the ponytail holder area of my hair from my BBB at nights.  I believe it has travelled two more inches so it is my ponytail and almost a fist of length.  It's not anywhere near those trashy layered ends yet, and maybe in all fairness, that's why I am seeing them more.

I have a lot of hair, fine hair that is curly so appears voluminous once the curls are dry.  Today, my fine hair is shiny, and laying flat on my head.  It's certainly different, and definitely feels healthy.  I'm going to wear my hair in a bun for a few days (and not out like I do after a wash) and just keep BBB every night to see how it does, how these oils travel and help my sebum move.  I'll hold off on the WO wash just to see what happens and how it feels, then I can report on how the WO wash helps the oils move as well!

I did notice that it took longer for the jojoba oil to penetrate into the hair, likely because my curly porous hair is saturated with argan oil, so it's oil on oil trying to settle in and nourish.  Once applied and BBB for quite some time, it looks like even the jojoba is absorbing nicely.  I'll sleep on it and wear my hair in a bun tomorrow and let you know how this new adventure goes.

Note: I am using the aloe butter (aloe & coconut oil) as a hairline pomade to get my smooth ponytail, and love it!  Here's another link.

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