Monday, April 14, 2014

WO... What the??

So I was all ready for a wash, 2 weeks of straightened hair makes the oil really obvious, but my henna order wasn't in and I didn't want to cleanse until I had the henna, so I did a WO and ACV to take my mind off of it.

I used a little jojoba and a lot of aloe and let it air dry.  It was gorgeous!!! What a great mess of curls!!!

The next day I wore it in a curly ponytail.  Today half up.  I'm thinking I can WO again tomorrow morning and start again because I desperately need to brush !!!  And I will likely go my full three week cycle thanks to WO.

I previously didn't like WO because I felt I couldn't brush my scalp and I felt Luke there was "stuff" sitting on my scalp.  I still do feel that way and I've scratched and massaged but its just NOT the same feeling as a brushed scalp!!!  I could continue WO for a bit in the summer though which is good!!!

Bonus: It rained today and my curls were rocking out in all their glory!!!

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