Friday, April 18, 2014

WO weather...

Spring is blooming, and summer is coming, and I need to figure out how to be successfully no poo, keep my 21 day wash cycle and wear my hair curly.

I remember hating WO and ACV washes in the beginning because I could feel the sebum on the crown of my head just sitting there, I couldn't brush to move it off my scalp whereas when I straightened my hair I could brush it through my hair and be happy and free to go one week curly and then two weeks flat ironed straight before my next wash.

This time I switched things up. Good thing since I got rained on twice!!  First, I washed, then flat ironed on day two because of a very important meeting.  Two weeks of straight hair and I was dying for a wash.  My hair gets limp, lifeless and just needs to be hydrated with water... Not adding aloe or oil, it needs H2O!  As well, I was waiting for my order of henna which was two weeks in transit, I didn't want to wash, receive henna, do henna and wash again, so eventually I just decided to try a WO with ACV and I actually had a lovely scalp week, no itching, but I scritched regularly  and massaged my scalp and it looked pretty good and my hair DRANK up any aloe that I offered!!!

Today I was tempted to do a WO again and push past 21 days but thought better of it because I wasn't sure if the henna would like all that excess oil!  I washed my scalp with my castille soap, did an ACV rinse and detangled with a wide toothed comb air dried clipping up the top fot volume and had a luscious day of curls.  I plan to WO again tomorrow as an experiment, since sebum coated hair dries very fast!  I'll air dry with aloe vera gel again tomorrow and take pics ;)

Hopefully in 21 days I'll have the henna, use it and be able to give it a good washing out!!

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