Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Whats transition?

Okay your big question was what's the ultimate goal of no poo??  I believe, and  others may disagree, that when the natural oil called sebum reaches your ends, magic happens. Some say nirvana (its a constant work in progress so I don't like that phrase), some call it being transitioned.  Basically, when the natural sebum is brushed through the entire length of your hair, it changes your hair.  It becomes shiny, lustrous in the sun (rainbows kinda thing) and the new sebum slips down faster because the cuticle of the hair becomes smoother.  Lots of cool things happen like your hair becomes fuller, dries faster, all kinds of interesting things happen, but slowly.  So here's the thing...  Your scalp is becoming healthier, the vinegar rinses and the brushing and scritching are making your scalp and hair follicles happy ... your hair will grow more, grow faster, be more supple, healthy from the root, and the sebum... when it realizes you won't be shampooing and robbing your scalp of sebum, it'll go on vacation, cutbacks at the sebum factory... and production will slooowww down... Its pretty cool.  Not everyone will experience the same transition or results but really... Its soooo cool :)

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