Sunday, October 6, 2013

My hair routine ...

I use an argan oil handmade Castile soap bar with 50% apple cider vinegar to 50% warm water in a squirt bottle as my conditioning rinse. Sometimes I switch to SoapNuts/ apple cider vinegar, depending on my mood. I'm sticking with the Argan Oil bar for the dry/cold upcoming winter most likely and will switch back to SoapNuts in the spring.

I also add about 5 drops of essential oils to my rinse. My favourites are lime and tangerine, they effectively mask the apple cider vinegar smell and leave my hair smelling pretty.

I'm almost 3 months no poo and my hair is happy. I just got a major trim last week so my ends are gone and my hair looks awesome!

I use a boar bristle brush and brush with my hair flipped over from the nape of the neck forward for a good ole fashioned 100 strokes, flipping and sectioning it half way through. I braid or twist it while sleeping.

I use aloe butter, rubbed vigorously between my hands to emulsify to a sheen and then apply it along my hairline to keep the frizzies or flyaways controlled, it's way better than gel!!

I'm a curly girl with hair to my mid-back, now with long layers. When I want my brushed out curls back, I wash with just water (about 2x per week) with a good brushing first, and then a good fingertip scrub in the shower with warm water, then I rinse with 50% apple cider vinegar/ 50% warm water and then add my jojoba oil into my squirt bottle (a dime sized tiny bit) in hot water, shake well and often, and apply only to my bottom half and ends. Some people add oil manually, I've found this way quicker and I get better coverage. Then I finger detangle and sometimes use my tangle tamer brush or wide tooth comb. (Similar to a wash but no soap). Then I plop with a long sleeved t-shirt to dry curly or let it dry naturally before using fabric hair ties or plastic clips of any kind. The vinegar smell almost rinses out completely, and once my hair is dry, not even my 5 year old can detect a vinegar smell - she's as honest as they get!!!

I now have happy, healthy hair and scalp!!!

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