Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A setback

I'm 14 weeks into no poo using SoapNuts successfully and now the Argan Oil handmade Castille soap bar - both successfully with an ACV rinse. As a curly girl, I tried DWV once and pretty much knew we were never going to get along ;)

Here's my issue. I think my hair has gotten used to the argan oil soap. It sounds weird but the first few times my hair just sucked it up, then a much needed trim and my curls were smiling.

It may just be possible that I'm too oiled up, using hair friendly oils, with lustre but what I think has happened is since my hair looked great, I wore it curly most days versus previously wearing it in a bun.... That meant less time BBBing and therein lies the problem.

I think my hair is lacking natural sebum and has reached a saturation point with the oils I'm adding!

It's lighter, more flyaway curls, it doesn't look as healthy...

I find this very interesting. I'm going up do an egg wash on the weekend, and in the meantine, back to my slick and stylish up do, and some BBB me-time.

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