Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Curly Girl Tips...


Wash less, brush very often, and WO wash to restyle

I have noticed I spend way too much time brushing the top of my head (naturally) so I rest my head on my lap as I sit in a low chair and brush from the underside and sides.

Then I WO wash and have started putting the amount of oil I normally add by hand into my rinse bottle with very very warm water and after I WO and massage my scalp I shake and apply the watered down oil (I use jojoba, closest to natural sebum) through my hair, detangle, and continue adding. I find it spreads evenly, even in the ends and makes detangling extremely easy. It's also way faster to style since I'm already ready to go!!

I use a T-shirt to squeeze out excess water and another one to plop while it dries.

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