Monday, March 17, 2014

Sebum Only Washing...

Sebum Onlyits when you don't wet your hair at allYou scritch to loosen dead skin cells on the scalp, preen like a cat, massage your scalp and brush with a boar bristle brush.
I've been in warm weather on vacation for 12 days, no water, no oil, nothing.  Just me and my brush.  My last wash was on March 2nd.
I have no issues with oily scalp anymore, 8 months into no poo (no shampoo) however, even in the warm weather, I'm dying for some aloe on my scalp.  Its as if my sebum is diminishing and its a little dry.
SO (sebum only) is something I've always thought about, I'll have to be careful with those darned monthly hormones though, I've come to realize that there is a smell and extra oil production at a certain point in my cycle which if left alone does goes away.  That may be me weak point... it makes me crazy when I can't predict my hair!!
It could be an opportunity though for a once a month water only wash.  I'm thinking as a curly, there will have to be WO (water washing) at some point.  There will also have to be flat ironing so I can brush.  That also means adding oil and aloe vera since I tend to be dry.
I do worry a little... rspecially mussing the benefits of ACV (apple cider vinegar), but hey!  I'm in!  I've got fantastic SO partners, one over there in the UK, my hair guru C.N. herein referred to as "The Lone Ranger" unless she chooses another nickname for this space, and from down under, DoobyDubai who's sure to keep me laughing at myself along the way!!
Officially, I started on March 2nd with my last wash, and I'm SO washing, with a little water here and there ;)

UPDATE March 20th: My hair is limp and lifeless. I need some flat iron touchups because of mist or rain or snow melting in my hair and making it go wavy.  I'm a mess & I can't stand it... I need conditioning!!!!  I'm thinking of doing an egg wash followed by a coconut milk rinse... perhaps with ACV, I'm not sure.  I'll wear it curly for awhile and then flat iron it straight and hopefully go another 3 weeks again.

Stay tuned.

April 2nd: I've realized that curly hair by nature needs water.  I don't think I can be SO, but I certainly can keep my cleanse days 3 weeks apart so I can enjoy the glorious, nourishing benefits of sebum!!

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