Sunday, March 2, 2014

Honey Aloe wash

I had just over a tablespoon left of honey and it was painfully slow moving to the point I just wanted to throw it away!!  But wait!!  Honey is a humectant... I can wash with it!!
So I brought the end of the honey in its squeeze bottle into the shower, added a but of very hot water and shook it to dissolve/liquify the honey.  Then I added equal parts aloe vera gel and gave it a good shake again.  I washed the lengths of my hair with it, washed my scalp only with my argan oil castille soap bar "lather", and washed it all out and then did a final conditioning rinse with my 50 /50% apple cider vinegar and water from another squeeze bottle with some essential oil for scent.
I added a bit more aloe vera throughout my wet hair and put it up in a T-shirt to dry.  An hour later, the T-shirt comes off and it was air dried in about 30 more minutes!!! It used to take all day to dry!!!!!!!
Then I spot added aloe Vera gel again on dry hair to spots to enhance curl definition and for extra moisture on the ends.

Here's a link to a recipe with aloe Vera for us curly girls. (Not page 2).

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