Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Going for 3 weeks again...

And I'm doing very well!!  I'm already wearing my hair straightened and brushing well.  I'm away from home so there's very temptation to wet my hair for any reason at all!!!

I've noticed something though.  Back when I found this fabulous brush, I didn't realize that my scalp would miss the exfoliation that the nylon bristles give me.  So I've got this brush, but a mini ($5) for my purse, and happened to give my hair a good mid-day brushing and does it ever give a great brush and exfoliation!!  I love the gentle scratching feeling the longer nylon bristles give!

Highly recommended, this could very well be the only brush I use!!

So, I'm going for a minimum 21 days again.... And since I'm out of town without even acv in sight... I have no choice but to persevere ;)

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