Friday, March 21, 2014

Coconut Milk Conditioner

Its officially awesome!  I put coconut milk all over, put all my hair into a disposable shower cap and wrapped that into a turban for 30 minutes.  I then washed with an egg wash.  That was 5 days ago.

Last night I gently brushed out my curly hair, and boy despite my curly mess it was very easy to brush out and detangle.  Was it because my hair was sebum infused, restored with the protein from the egg wash or hydrated from the coconut milk?!
I'm trying to figure out whyyyy my hair is shiny, moisturized, not at all oily, smells like nothing and barely needs my flat iron on the ends because its sooooo straight!!

My scalp feels great, my hair looks and feels awesome but it was kind of flyaway like (too moisturized) when I wore it curly, I was afraid I'd have to wash it out in case it was oily, but its not!

Never in my life..... But I'm not complaining.

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