Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oops! I washed ;)

So, in my kitchen I found powdered coconut milk, I whipped some up not adding water, applied it to wet hair and put a disposable plastic shower cap on and a towel on top of that for 30 minutes.  This is my extra hydration attempt.
Next, I washed with two whole eggs, thoroughly whisked no water added (I should have done 3) and I applied it to my roots in slimy watery scoops and massaged and massaged my scalp.  Then I worked the yuck slowly in sections down the length of my hair careful to leave a bit in my dish for my ends.  I dipped my ends into the dish to ensure they were saturated and then braced for the cool water... Eek!!!  Man!  I haaaate even cool water!!! 
Then I finished with a 50/50%  ACV rinse with 10 drops of tangerine EO and carefully wide tooth combed from ends up to roots. 
Then I added aloe vera gel, like gel, scrunching, pre-defining my curls in the thickest part of my hair, too, sides, ends and even parted the top, re-combed and arranged and defined them and then long sleeve T-shirt plopped to dry. I slept in it overnight. 
In the morning, I'll manually define with a bit more water and more aloe vera gel so the curls fall how I want, and are super juicy ... and that my dear, will be the start of my curly cycle. 
By day 4, sebum needs to be brushed, so I may wet my brush and brush out my curls and brush the sebum through and then French braid it, or simply brush out dry and flat iron it in small sections on medium heat.  I then will add jojoba oil to my ends, especially the ends of the layers I've got too, and the next morning add mire oil and spot treat if needed.  Now with straightened hair I can brush so much better and can keep this straightened style for up to 2 weeks. 
My current wash cycle is 3 weeks.
I don't think I can manage sebum only SO much longer than that because my hair seems to go limp and lifeless at that point, and I actually produce much less sebum so I need to rehydrate!

Well 5 hours later, my hair was still damp, now that its dried, it's full of curls and super hydrated!!  THIS... Is bedhead!!! Holy curls batman!  It amazes me that before going no poo, my ends were split, dry, scraggley, couldn't curl.  Now, the curl back on themselves, they're healthy and well hydrated!  Time to depouf, and fix up a bit with a little water and aloe vera to help define curls that aren't sure what to do with themselves ;)

Hi ho hi ho... Four days of curls we go... Then I'll iron it straight so I can brush brush brush and maintain oiling the ends and using aloe IF I need hydration, all to maintain my hair health.  Awesome!!,

I'm 8.5 month no poo and loving it!

Have a great day!!

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