Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hydrate before you add oil.

Curly hair naturally lacks internal weight and moisture so keeping the hair properly conditioned and hydrated is a must! Feeding the curls with a deep conditioning mask is essential, you have to eat to survive; so does your curly hair.  Give it a drink!  (Source: Naturally Curly)

Using apple cider vinegar as a conditioning rinse (dilute up to as much as 50/50% with water) helps hydrate AND lay down the cuticle of the hair.  For routine daily hydration, a little water sprayed to reset curls, followed by adding aloe vera gel for both a little definition and hydration work very well. 

Follow that by adding a hair loving oil like jojoba oil (closest to natural sebum) or shae butter if your hair can tolerate it's heaviness, starting from the ends and adding a teeny bit on the length to lock in that moisture!  It will do wonders for keeping hydration in, cuticles laying flat and curls healthy!  Once no poo, when your sebum travels the length of your hair, you'll need less and less oil added to maintain internal hydration. 

There are so many natural deep conditioners out there, and everyone's hair has different needs.  Some examples are: avocado, beer, banana, egg, greek yogurt, honey, to name a few but coconut milk by far is theeeee most nourishing hydrator my hair has found!  I dilute it *up to* 4 parts aloe or water to 1 part coconut milk.  The great thing is, I freeze both the aloe vera gel and coconut milk into ice cubes and have perfect fresh portions when I'm ready to use them :)

Please post your natural hydration recipes below, enjoy a frizz free, lusciously hydrated mane, you curly girl!

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  1. Thank you!!! I just started my no poo journey and I'm most concerned about my curls! I don't think the transition to not washing my hair will be a huge problem (I only wash it every 3-4 days now anyways...I thought that was normal?), it's just learning about rinses/washes etc. What I've been most worried about is how/can I still use product in my hair to maintain my curls?!?! lol...I use more mousse than I should probably this is helpful. It'll just take patience.
    Thanks :)


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