Thursday, February 12, 2015

My current wash routine, at 18 months in...

I wash with Shikakai and ACV, wear curly with only aloe for a week (out, out, 1/2 up, bun, bun, braid... then...) flat iron on medium heat starting at the nape of the neck from root to 2' from the ends until I'm done. Then I part, and brush into position. Then I start at the face and do only the last 2" curling under with the iron. Hoping in theory, I've only touched the hair once. I also do very very small sections. It takes almost an hour but lasts me two more weeks. 

I have a 21 day wash cycle but could go longer but it would be a mid week wash which I don't want. Then I add jojoba to my ends as needed and pretty much with as little sebum as I have. The 3 drops of EOs that I start adding at 14 days since my last wash is plenty moisturization!! 

After my 3 weeks, I "wash" with henna from HennaHut and add 1 ice cube of pre-portioned and frozen coconut milk and rinse with water only and rinse with WO again on day 3 of curly and ta daa... repeat. So I'm using henna and shikakai alternately every 3 weeks. 

I also do have a low poo conditioner for my hairdresser to use as a CO treatment every 6 months!

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