Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'm losing track of my washing....

What a lovely problem to have!!!

I'm on day 16 since my last argan oil wash with two WOs in between and my hair is soooo different!! I know the cooler air is to my advantage, however something is definitely different!

I just realized since my washes are less predictable, I'm forgetting to post!

Here's the summary of where I'm at:

The sebum has travelled down the length of almost my waist length hair, past my ponytail holder now reaching my bra strap. After that the length of it needs help from aloe vera or jojoba oil, or I'd wear it all out!!

So, going on 5 months of no poo I'm just going to put it out there... You will NOT get the same benefits without BBBing. Moving the sebum down the length of your hair is remarkable, gloriously beautiful and something I cannot say I've ever seen, not even in children's' hair!!

What you will get is still healthy, lovely hair, but it's different.

I've come to realize that BBBing and wearing my very curly hair in a bun is best to move the sebum, and get the beautiful results, however, I BBB really really well, then do a WO with ACV and EO rinse and plop to dry after a finger or wide tooth comb straightening (my hair doesn't tangle as much either!!!!!!) and it looks fabulous for 2 days... Then BBB, wear in a bun and repeat WO when I'm ready to be curly.

I use aloe or jojoba oils in my hair, sometimes I put the jojoba teaspoon in my squirt bottle with very warm water and shake immediately as I'm applying it (mixing with warm water) so it gets better distributed down the bottom half of my hair - that's been awesome! To wash, I use an argan oil soap bar or in the summer SoapNuts juice was great!

I also... Brush every day or every other day, or the crown of my head gets itchy and oily, and I'm
Not a happy girl! Oh! I was using aloe butter for the hairline flyaways but I don't seem to need it anymore despite wearing it in a bun so often. Crazy!!!

And plopping in an old T-shirt is how I get my curls!!! The pic above was on day 10 I believe, using nothing but a little 100% aloe vera gel on the bottom and ends! (Google long sleeve plop or plunk hair)

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